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Eleven Cup Slip-On Turner Combo - Tumbler Turner

Eleven Cup Slip-On Turner Combo - Tumbler Turner

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Motor Speed 6 Cup
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Tired of screwing wands on and off? Tumblers coming unscrewed during turning? Problem solved! This is a perfect turner combo for those that work on a single cup turner and transfer to a larger turner for curing.

This beautiful custom 11 Cup Turner with slip on and off wands is a must have tumbler turner for the ultimate crafter or tumbler professional!

- Unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box
- A solid structure (39” X 11” base) that will never tip over while your tumblers are turning. Made with 3/4” solid premium pine means it’s built to MDF here!
- Independent synchronous motors in the customer’s choice of 2.5 - 3.5 RPM (slower speed) or 5-6 RPM (faster speed)...motors spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise simply by turning them off and on
- Our custom motor/arm/wand system means your cups will turn evenly, level and smooth
- 7” space between turner arms
- We use a SINGLE power cord vs. multiple cords on other turners
- 12 tapered foam inserts wands (6 small and 6 large) are included -- Extra wands are available...please message me for details
- 12 drying racks on top of each turners

We use nothing but the best components and add a manufacturing attention to detail that you won’t see in other turners. All holes are machine drilled and all edges are turned over making a smooth finish.

Turners are tested by running for hours before shipping. Loud motors are replaced. I want to ensure you have a quite and smooth "Top-Notch Turner"!

Don’t be fooled by “Free Shipping”. We charge actual shipping cost to help you get the best price and we fully insure every turner!

Thank you for supporting our Veteran Owned and Operated store!

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