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Covered Four Cup Turner Combo - Tumbler Turner w/ Slip on Wands

Covered Four Cup Turner Combo - Tumbler Turner w/ Slip on Wands

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Tired of screwing wands on and off? Tumblers coming unscrewed during turning? Dust or hair getting on your tumblers? Problem solved!

This is a perfect turner combo for those that work on a single cup turner and transfer to a larger turner for curing.

- Unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box
- A solid structure (29" X 20" base) that will never tip over while your tumblers are turning. Made with 3/4" spruce/pine that’s built to MDF plywood here!
- Independent controlled synchronous motors in the customer’s choice of 2.5 - 3.5 RPM (slower speed) or 5-6 RPM (faster speed)...motors spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise simply by turning them off and on
- 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC means your cups will turn evenly, level and smooth
- ~7" space between turner arms means you will be able to turn side by side without fear of glitter cross contamination
- Lightweight clear acrylic cover fully encloses the unit and will keep your tumblers dust, pet hair, and particle free
- Two high quality locking hinges to keep the cover stable while working on your cups
- Elegant glass knob allows for easy opening and closing
- We use a SINGLE power cord vs. multiple cords on other turners
- Four drying racks are included
- Four premium tapered foam insert wands are included; these are amazing and hold their shape better than any foam insert we've tried. Additionally the tapered shape is a perfect fit for most tumblers. You won't be disappointed!

Additional customizations available:
- Our turners are naturally beautiful. However, we will stain your turner for a $45 fee using Minwax products
- We can laser engrave your companies logo/emblem on the cover (front or top) for a $25 fee
- Power outlet for $15...please message me if you are interested

We use nothing but the best components and add a manufacturing attention to detail that you won't see in other turners. All holes are machine drilled and the entire surface is sanded to smooth finish.

Don't be fooled by "Free Shipping". We charge actual shipping cost to help you get the best price and we fully insure every turner!

***Tumblers in photos are not included with your purchase. They are used to show the variety of different sizes the turn will accommodate...Everything from 30 Oz Skinny to 30 Oz Modern Curve.***

Thank you for supporting our Veteran Owned and Operated store!

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